Update to be published on 31/08/2020

It is very nice to see the 3 Heralds back giving us an opportunity of giving you an update on the Horticultural Society.

As you are aware the current social restrictions introduced due to the Covid 19 virus has had a severe effect on the activities of the society with the cancellation of our monthly meetings holiday in Scotland and shorter mini holidays planned for September and November.

The Chairman and her committee at their recent socially distanced open air meeting have now decided to cancel all meetings, including the Christmas buffet, outings and holidays until further notice. They will consider the situation in the new year, possibly March. By then social distancing and the directive on using local village halls may have been revised and a way forward of returning to some of the Societies activities may be found.

Gardening during the pandemic has thrown up its own challenges with closures of garden suppliers and garden centers, long dry periods with little or no rain and the seemingly unaffected attacks from garden pests but I guess this is what makes gardening such a rewarding and challenging activity.

Please keep in touch with the Society our web site has full information on the society and is the fastest way to get up to date information any reintroduction of our activities will also be published on suitable notice boards.

Lets hope that future easing of social distancing will allow the Society to restart its monthly meetings and calendar of events early in the new year.

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