Founded in 1864

One of the earliest recorded villiage garden societies still in existence.

To put this in to context.......

23 years before Queen Victoria's Jubilee, the Boar War & The Relief of Mafiking.

Australia was not yet in the Commonwealth & Cecil Rhodes had not yet named Rhodesia.

The telephone had not been invented & women still had to wait another 50 years before getting the vote.

Lillie Langtry was a child, Dr Livingstone had not yet gone missing, Scott had not reached the Antartic, Abraham Lincoln, Charle Darwin & Van Gough were still alive.

Queen Victoria lays the Foundation Stone of The Albert Hall.

Westminster & Clifton Suspension Bridges were opened.

A speed limit of 2 mph is imposed on all steam and petrol driven vehicles & dynamite is demonstrated for the first time!

Another 8 years before the first English Football Association Final!!

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