Data Protection Policy


By becoming a member of our Society you are providing us with personal information which we will store and deal with in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Society. We set out below details of how your personal information will be dealt with and your rights with regard to that information. This form details the Society's Data Protection Policy.

What is promised is that:

Your personal details to be held by the Society are your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

The data is held on paper forms filled in at the time of application, and electronically on a data base held by the Membership Secretary and Chairman

The data can only be viewed by the Society Chairman and Membership Secretary and other authorised officers of the Society for the purposes of dealing with membership matters and distributing newsletters etc.

Your personal details will not be distributed or shared with any 3rd party.

The information held will not be used for any commercial activity.

We only keep information relevant to the administration of the Society, we do not keep information that is unnecessary.

We remove old data. Information relating to past members is deleted.

E-mailing of Society notices etc. are done on a "bcc" basis. i.e. the emails members received will not show the other members' addresses.

You have a right to request that your data is removed.

You have a right to request details of what information we are holding.

You have a right to request that we delete any historical data or documents.

You have a right to request that the details we are holding are changed.